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The Duchies of Estalon

The Duchies of Estalon is a GURPS 4th ed campaign, The main setting is tech level 3 (Medieval) fantasy styled campaign.

Estalon was once a massive kingdom and a major force on the continent of Sharrain, however when the royal family was assassinated the kingdom fell into a war of succession. In the current day the Duchies of Estalon is a collection of states ranging in size from city states to mid sized kingdoms, united by a shared history and a common faith Sharism.

The setting focuses on the day to day lives of mortals, and maintains a smaller more personal scope. The dead stay dead, Kings rule in castles far away, the armies are made of men (or at least humanoids), and war is a dirty brutal affair. Magic is a means to an end, and while skilled wizards are formidable they are not capable of destroying armies or changing the course of history with magic alone.

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