Duchies of Estalon

The Duchies of Estalon is the name given to the collection of successor states that dwell in the land once know as the Kingdom of Estalon. They share a common faith, (Sharism), and a common language, Estolanese.

Major Powers in the region are:

Abraxis – Abraxis is a city located near the Westwall mountains, It is notable for controlling the passes that allow land trade in and out of the duchies. It is also called the iron city for it’s rich mines as well as it’s history of never falling to invaders. Despite that reputation the current ruling family are not Estaloian, and hail from the the western empire of Halbridge. They gained power after marrying into the Former lords family, and the former lord died childless. Many Estaloians now fear that the iron city is a pawn of the empire, and will forsake it’s duty to shield the other duchies from the the western states.

Estal – Located on the Sunrise Sea in the eastern portion of the duchies, Estal was once the capital of Estalon, and is now the seat of power for for Church of Sharism. Estal is a city of vivid contrast, with sections of the city abandoned, and others bustling with pilgrims and resplendent in the livery of the church. Per agreement between the duchies, the city is neutral ground, ruled directly by the church. The center of the city is taken up by the imperial palace, which The church created the Knightly order of Saint Morzin to maintain. The Order of Morzin also maintains the Imperial regalia, and is charged with finding any surviving members of the Imperial family. To this end they have a series of test for claimants to the throne, with those that fail executed on the spot.

The Isle of Norgon – The isle of Norgon is a rocky isle off of the coast in the sunrise sea. It has a large natural harbor and most of it’s coast line is cliff faces making it an ideal sea fortress. Once home to the Estalon navy, The isle of Norgon was abandoned by the Estaloians and taken over by the Salvgar, a race of men hailing from the far north. The isle of Norgon is ruled by a council of Salvgar captains, and while it claims to be a freeport, it’s the home base of most of the pirates that plague the sunrise coast.

The duchy of Istengard – The Istengards rule several cities in the south east of Estalon, and is considered by many to be the most militarily powerful of the duchies. They are Aggressive and expansion focused, and their ambition is only held in check by the Archbishop of Estal who has been able to keep the peace through negotiation and threat of leading a coalition against Istengard. The current Duke of Istengard, Anthony belongs to one of the oldest noble families in Estal, and makes no bones about wanting to reunite the Empire under his rule. Made wealthy by trade routes with the south, Istengard boast a huge navy, and a well equipped and manned army. Many have accused the Duke of Istengard of dealing with the Salvgar, because of how little they trouble his commercial interest, however it’s also possible the Council of captains does not wish to attract the attention of the Istengard navy.

Duchies of Estalon

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